ITW Food Equipment Group-North America

Troy, Ohio

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner

ITW Food Equipment Group-North America

ITW Food Equipment Group  North America, the parent organization of independent companies including Hobart, Traulsen, Stero, Vulcan, Baxter, and Wittco, designs and manufactures commercial equipment for foodservice and food retail customers. ITW continually uses ENERGY STAR qualified products to support its customers in cutting costs and consuming less energy and water. This is the second time ITW has received ENERGY STAR recognition. Key accomplishments include:

         Increasing the number of manufactured products that qualify for the ENERGY STAR in 2008 - including 94% of Vulcan's hot food holding cabinets and 92% of Hobart's commercial dishwashers. These are 34% and 4% increases, respectively, over the previous year.

         Helping customers in their sustainability efforts by aggressively marketing more than 380 ENERGY STAR qualified products.

         Reaching a total circulation of more than 1.2 million through the placement of 35 foodservice-trade advertisements for energy-efficient products.

         Integrating ENERGY STAR messaging into sales and employee training, including courses for more than 3,000 sales representatives to promote ENERGY STAR to equipment dealers and end-users.

         Creating a sustainability Webinar series and expanding the Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability grant process to include ENERGY STAR.

         Launching an online Consultant Resource Center as a key resource for foodservice consultants to help their customers design a more sustainable kitchen.

         Continuing to focus on engineering food equipment products that lower the overall long-term cost of ownership.

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