Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, Ohio

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Management

Cleveland Clinic

As a nonprofit academic medical center, Cleveland Clinic operates more than 200 institutes, community hospitals, and family centers comprising 24 million square feet in Ohio, Florida, and Nevada, as well as several locations abroad. Cleveland Clinic is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for culturally integrating energy management into its patient care mission. Key 2011 accomplishments include:


         Improving efficiency by 1.5 percent despite a higher employee density and the addition of more than 150,000 square feet of space, for a total improvement of more than 20 percent since 2008.

         Reducing costs by $1.2 million by actively managing energy use and pursuing available energy efficiency credits and rebates.

         Earning the ENERGY STAR for 11 facilities and tracking the energy use of all its facilities in Portfolio Manager.

         Dedicating more than $27 million in 2011 alone to fund cost-effective energy efficiency projects, and motivating employees to take ownership of the energy action plan by sharing savings from the utility budget, which building occupants can use to improve their work space.

         Supporting two hospitals and one medical office building in EPA's 2011 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition and producing videos and other promotional materials to motivate the competitors.

         Encouraging its staff of 40,000 and surrounding community to save energy with ENERGY STAR by launching a month-long energy awareness campaign called "Focusing our Energy on Patient Care"; holding a poster contest at the Children's Hospital with the theme, "Saving energy starts with me!"; and flying a banner over its busiest public street.

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