GE Appliances and Lighting

Louisville, Kentucky

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Product Brand Owner

GE Appliances and Lighting

GE Appliances & Lighting is an $8 billion global business and industry leader in major appliances and lighting. Demonstrating a high level of commitment, GE was a leader in ENERGY STAR education, labeling, and promotion. Key accomplishments include:


         Offering a total of 500 lighting models that have earned the ENERGY STAR--a 29 percent increase since 2010.

         Adding 93 new LED products to its selection following the 2010 introduction of the first omni-directional lamp in an A19 standard shape.

         Educating more than 9,000 distributors, utilities, business managers, and citizens across 45 cities about ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs through its tradeshow on wheels, "The GE Lighting Revolution."

         Introducing 140 new ENERGY STAR qualified appliances in 2011, while increasing the number of base models 17 percent over the last year.

         Integrating ENERGY STAR into its employee, retailer, and distributor training efforts, including online training websites, webinars, training videos, and e-newsletters.

         Promoting ENERGY STAR through a broad cross section of sales and marketing efforts, including over 1,000 cooperative promotions that collectively reached more than 100 million consumers.

         Being the first major appliance manufacturer to partner with EPA on the Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program to help reduce ozone depleting substances.

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