New Hampshire CORE Utilities

Manchester, New Hampshire

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

New Hampshire CORE Utilities

New Hampshire CORE Utilities is a multi-utility energy efficiency service provider effort, which includes Granite State Electric Company d/b/a National Grid, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc., Public Service Company of New Hampshire, and Unitil Energy Systems, Inc. This joint effort is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its outstanding work as a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR sponsor. Key accomplishments include:


         Weatherizing more than 680 homes, conducting more than 250 quality assurance inspections in 2010, and expanding its contractor base from four partners to 16.

         Developing a screening tool to help customers determine whether their home will qualify for a home energy audit, resulting in a project closure rate of over 80 percent; the tool has been so successful that it has been replicated in neighboring states.

         Partnering with local New Hampshire Community Colleges to develop and implement a training program to increase the quality, capabilities, and quantity of certified auditors in the state.

         Creating a revolving loan fund that offers Home Performance customers an interest-free loan for up to seven years. The loan repayment is included on the customer's monthly utility bill.


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