El Segundo, California

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion


DIRECTV is the nation's number one satellite television service provider, serving more than 19 million Americans. DIRECTV is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for offering millions of customers nationwide energy-efficient satellite boxes, and for paving the way for even greater consumer savings in the future. Key accomplishments include:


         Designing and deploying more than 20 million ENERGY STAR receivers to its customers.

         Highlighting the ENERGY STAR qualification of 18 DIRECTV satellite boxes at

         Offering even greater customer savings through Whole- Home DVR solutions that enhance the consumer experience while reducing typical satellite box energy consumption in a four TV household by about 30 percent.

         Advancing technology for home networked television entertainment as a founding member of the RVU Alliance; the Alliance is also working toward the goal of dropping associated energy use by another one third in the future.

         Training tens of thousands of employees and contractors about the value of its ENERGY STAR qualified satellite boxes.

         Developing "multi-pack" containers for its products that reduced packing 75 percent from the previous year.

         Standardizing its satellite dish mount, allowing for reuse of the original mount even when a customer upgrades.

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