New York, New York

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Management


Citi maintains a real estate portfolio that includes approximately 12,500 locations and almost 80 million square feet of real estate across 100 countries. Citi is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its success in implementing an organization-wide energy management program based on proven ENERGY STAR strategies. Key accomplishments include:


         Expanding its benchmarking program to more than 4,000 properties worldwide, including over 1,000 facilities in the United States. This comprises more than 65 million square feet of benchmarked buildings globally, almost 30 million of which are in the United States.

         Implementing an internal automated benchmarking system (ABS) to send energy data directly from Citi's internal environmental database to Portfolio Manager.

         Reaching a 5 percent energy reduction across more than 21 million square feet of corporate office property worldwide and reducing the energy consumption of its global portfolio by over 7 percent compared to 2009.

         Earning the ENERGY STAR for 12 new facilities in 2010, for a total of 67 certified facilities since 2008.

         Using benchmarking results to identify energy management best practices that can be shared across the portfolio, and to prioritize buildings for capital improvements and retrofits.

         Using the value of the ENERGY STAR brand, combined with friendly competition, to mobilize property managers across the globe to pursue energy savings.

         Incorporating specific energy management and ENERGY STAR goals into Citi's 2010 Citizenship Report, which is prominently displayed on the organization's website.


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