Hanesbrands Inc.

Winston Salem, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Management

Hanesbrands Inc.

Hanesbrands Inc. is a leading manufacturer of everyday apparel essentials under some of the world's strongest brands. The company has launched a long-range corporate initiative to promote sustainable business practices including reductions in energy usage, broader incorporation of sustainable materials, and recycling of waste streams. Hanesbrands is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its commitment to energy efficiency and the ENERGY STAR partnership, and promotion of sustainable energy management practices. Key accomplishments include:


         Achieving an energy efficiency improvement of 16.5 percent since 2007, with 9.5 percent attained in 2010. The company's greenhouse gas emissions intensity has improved by 26.8 percent since 2007, with 14.9 percent of this reduction achieved in 2010 as a result of energy efficiency improvements and increased procurement of renewable energy.

         Building on the principle of continuous improvement in its energy management system to engage employees at all levels--from the President's monthly operational reviews to regional and plant level benchmarking for the identification of performance gaps and opportunities for improvement.

         Creating an energy management focus and culture within Hanesbrands through use of ENERGY STAR resources. Three of the company's U.S. plants have taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, and two have already improved an average of 8 percent.

         Formulating a strategic program to advance energy efficiency within Hanesbrands' energy value chain by aiding suppliers' energy performance improvements and recognizing their successes.

         Mentoring and benchmarking with ENERGY STAR industrial partners and the textile industry.

         Launching a multimedia advertising campaign to communicate Hanebrands' sustainability strategy, resulting in 235.4 million impressions. Two portions of the campaign, focused on business-to-business wholesalers and consumers, shared the benefits of energy efficiency, and encouraged participation in ENERGY STAR.


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