Anderson/Vanguard Homes, Inc.

Cary, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - New Home Builder and Affordable Housing

Anderson/Vanguard Homes, Inc.

Anderson/Vanguard Homes, a home builder based near Raleigh-Durham, NC, has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2004. Anderson/Vanguard Homes is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its outstanding dedication and commitment to building and promoting ENERGY STAR qualified homes. Key accomplishments of this company include:

         Building 100% of its new homes ENERGY STAR.

         Constructing an innovative "Concept Home," an educational and promotional house that features elements of EPA's ENERGY STAR and WaterSense programs. The house allows homebuyers to learn about energy efficiency and savings by viewing the elements at work.

         Increasing awareness of ENERGY STAR qualified homes in the eastern part of the state by extensively marketing their financial and environmental benefits through billboards, signage, radio, and print advertisements.

         Training its sales agents on the benefits of ENERGY STAR at energy efficiency classes and seminars led by GreenPros.


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