Scotsman Ice Systems

Vernon Hills, Illinois

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Scotsman Ice Systems

Scotsman Ice Systems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of ice systems, with the broadest line of ice machines, storage bins, and ice and water dispensers. Scotsman Ice Systems is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for incorporating innovative designs in its suite of energy efficient ice machines. Key accomplishments include:


         Offering customers 63 ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR.

         Manufacturing smart ice machines with advanced electronic controls and a high-efficiency evaporator that allows the machines to use less energy and water than traditional cube ice machines.

         Improving the efficiency of its products continuously; for example, Scotsman nugget and flake ice machines use 15 percent less energy and up to 50 percent less water than cube machines.

         Engineering ENERGY STAR qualified commercial cube ice machines so they are 15 percent more water efficient and 20 percent more energy efficient than traditional units, saving users $710 annually, on average.

         Increasing the sales of ENERGY STAR qualified products from 57 percent in 2009 to 65 percent in 2010, despite tough economic conditions.

         Educating distributors, dealers, sales representatives, and media about the advantages of using ENERGY STAR qualified equipment and the multiple benefits associated with increased energy and water efficiency.

         Incorporating efficiency attributes and highlighting ENERGY STAR qualified products in its training, marketing, and product labeling initiatives.


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