Nationwide Marketing Group

Winston Salem, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Nationwide Marketing Group

Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) is a leading U.S. buying and marketing organization with more than 3,000 member companies operating over 10,000 storefronts across the country. NMG is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its critical role in supporting its member retailers' appliance and electronics marketing efforts. Key accomplishments include:


         Continuing to increase penetration for every major ENERGY STAR qualified appliance category measured, including washers which increased from 44 to 66 percent, exemplifying the improved mix of qualified products in NMG member retailers' stores. NMG was able to position its member retailers to leverage the appliance state stimulus funding, helping them significantly outperform the market. While industry appliance sales were up just over 9 percent through July, NMG member retailers' sales were up over 16 percent for the same time period.

         Leveraging its PrimeTime! Buying Show and Conference and its MemberNet Intranet system to promote ENERGY STAR and encourage member retailers to carry more qualified products, engage in more sales associate training and sales promotions, and educate their customers about the benefits of energy efficiency. PrimeTime! reached more than 6,000 member retailers and manufacturer partners in 2010 while MemberNet increased communication of ENERGY STAR messaging and training tools to 10,000+ member storefronts and 35,000+ sales associates across the country.

         Enhancing marketing efforts for electronics through the successful launch of an electronics trade-in and recycling program, as well as vendor outreach through its Executive Vendor Conferences, sales associate training, PrimeTime!, MemberNet, and numerous advertising and promotional efforts around electronics equating to more than 38 million print runs.


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