San Antonio Housing Authority

San Antonio, Texas

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Affordable Housing

San Antonio Housing Authority

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA), the largest landlord in San Antonio, owns 6,175 public housing units at 70 properties and is committed to building and maintaining affordable housing for its community. SAHA is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for incorporating energy efficiency into its mission of providing safe, affordable housing to families of modest means. Key accomplishments include:


         Installing ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, light fixtures, doors, and windows in four new multifamily developments, consisting of 835 units, and a comprehensive modernization of a multifamily building totaling 119 units, which earned the ENERGY STAR.

         Installing ENERGY STAR qualified HVAC equipment in 208 multifamily units and 16 single-family homes.

         Providing training to all staff on the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified products, and developing a sustainability policy that includes conservation of energy and water, as well as improving indoor air quality.


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