Manitowoc Foodservice

New Port Richey, Florida

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner

Manitowoc Foodservice

Manitowoc Foodservice, a division of The Manitowoc Company, Inc., designs, manufactures, and supplies food and beverage equipment for the global foodservice market. The company has a portfolio of brands including, Manitowoc Ice, Frymaster, Dean, Cleveland, Delfield, Jackson, Garland, and others. Manitowoc Foodservice is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its continued innovation in developing energy efficient commercial food equipment across all participating brands, and innovative training and marketing efforts. Key accomplishments include:


         Developing the technologies that will most effectively support future sustainability efforts and meet the newest set of standards for the ENERGY STAR program.

         Qualifying additional units in 2010, joining its ENERGY STAR portfolio for a total of 187 qualified products--through innovative new products, product line extensions, and "upgrading" existing models.

         Increasing the sales of ENERGY STAR qualified products despite tough economic conditions, including two brands that led the team--59 percent of Frymaster sales were ENERGY STAR qualified units and 53 percent of Manitowoc sales were ENERGY STAR qualified units.

         Continuing innovation of the Manitowoc Ice technology, shortening the ice making harvest time thus reducing the energy needed to produce equivalent capacity.

         Implementing portfolio-wide smart controls which offer improved energy performance, reduced idle energy loss, provide energy consumption reporting, and enable remote monitoring for optimum energy and equipment performance.

         Prominently displaying the ENERGY STAR on all products, packaging, advertising, literature, websites, and sales tool collateral.

         Continuing its hands-on training about ENERGY STAR qualified equipment at the Manitowoc University.

         Developing and marketing a corporate sustainability report detailing information regarding its environmental and social performance across the company.


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