The E Group, a Division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

Akron, Ohio

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Service and Product Provider

The E Group, a Division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

The E Group, a division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., provides energy management services to governmental, multisite commercial, and industrial clients across the United States--managing more than 165,000 client accounts and a total energy portfolio in excess of $1.2 billion. By using EPA's automated benchmarking system, The E Group has integrated ENERGY STAR scores into its eTrends reporting tool. The E Group is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for helping clients improve the energy performance of their buildings through benchmarking. Key accomplishments include:


         Increasing the number of client buildings using automated benchmarking to 4,400--an increase of 300 percent in just 12 months. At least half of its clients are benchmarking at least one building in Portfolio Manager.

         Helping 76 client buildings earn the ENERGY STAR and over 130 buildings improve their ENERGY STAR score by at least 10 points in 2010.

         Recruiting two Fortune 500 companies--a large banking company and a national retailer--to partner with ENERGY STAR.

         Enabling clients and utility affiliates to reduce electric load and avoid fees through a list of potential energy-saving recommendations after onsite audits.

         Encouraging clients to incorporate ENERGY STAR into their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants and to use ENERGY STAR to help quantify the efficiencies they implemented as a result of state or local government mandates.


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