ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS) is one of the world's top three consumer notebook vendors and maker of award winning motherboards. It is a leading enterprise in the new digital era. ASUS is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its innovative, energy-efficient product design that meets the requirements for ENERGY STAR qualified products. Key accomplishments include:


         Introducing 130 notebooks/netbooks and 47 displays that have earned the ENERGY STAR in 2010, representing 87 and 84 percent, respectively, of the models it introduced that year.

         Designing an internal training course to educate staff about ENERGY STAR; the training is required for employees involved in product design, product promotion, and customer service.

         Promoting ENERGY STAR through marketing materials, industry tradeshow presentations, and prominent display on the ASUS website.

         Introducing innovative product design features such as low carbon footprint bamboo casings for notebooks, LCD monitors with fewer lamps, and the Super Hybrid Engine to automatically scale notebook power consumption according to the needs and habits of users.


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