National Housing Trust

Washington, District of Columbia

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Affordable Housing

National Housing Trust

The National Housing Trust is the nation's leading expert in preserving and revitalizing affordable rental housing to ensure that it is sustainable and provides a better quality of life for the families and elderly who live there. National Housing Trust is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its outstanding efforts to benchmark energy use across its existing portfolio of projects and incorporate ENERGY STAR and other green measures into redevelopment initiatives. Key accomplishments include:


         Using Portfolio Manager to analyze and benchmark energy performance and identify properties it owns with high energy-intensity.

         Hiring a Sustainability Development Manager to oversee initiatives and to improve the energy efficiency of existing properties and new projects.

         Educating tenants about energy efficiency by distributing ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and ENERGY STAR promotional materials during an Earth Day event at an affordable housing community in Washington, DC.

         Launching a new website with resources for policymakers, developers, affordable housing advocates, and resident services managers to help them preserve and improve the energy efficiency of existing affordable housing.


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