Bosch Home Appliances

Huntington Beach, California

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Product Brand Owner

Bosch Home Appliances

Known worldwide for raising standards in efficiency, Bosch Home Appliances is the only U.S. appliance manufacturer with entire product lines of ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers, washers, and refrigeration. Bosch is receiving ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence--a distinction honoring Bosch for its commitment to the ENERGY STAR specification process. Key accomplishments include:


         Being the only U.S. manufacturer with 100 percent of its major appliances ENERGY STAR qualified in 2010; this line-up includes 48 dishwashers, clothes washers, and refrigerator models.

         Lowering the average energy use of its dishwashers to only 250 kWh/year--a 9 percent improvement over 2008.

         Offering the most water-efficient dishwashers in the United States, including multiple models that use Bosch's ActiveWaterTM technology to complete a cycle using as little as 1.57 gallons of water.

         Improving the energy use of all its 27" washers. With the launch of VisionTM Laundry, Bosch's most efficient 27" frontload washer model achieved an energy use of just 120 kWh/year in 2010.

         Offering the EcoAction option on various dishwasher models and clothes washer models in 2010; EcoAction is a feature that reduces energy usage by up to an additional 25 percent for dishwashers and 20 percent for washers, per cycle.

         Reducing energy consumption in its manufacturing facilities by 14 percent since 2005.

         Engaging consumers since fall 2010 through Green Technology Inside, a microsite that communicates the water and efficiency features of Bosch products and links consumers directly to the ENERGY STAR Change the World Pledge.


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