Momentum, LLC

Boise, Idaho

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Home Energy Rater

Momentum, LLC

Momentum, LLC is the second largest home energy rater in Idaho, helping make this state one of the top-performers in the Northwest in 2010. Momentum is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its outstanding commitment to providing verification services for ENERGY STAR qualified homes. Key accomplishments include:


         Verifying more than 440 homes and partnering with 48 new builders since July 2008.

         Promoting the construction of ENERGY STAR qualified new homes to builders, in partnership with, through an innovative marketing campaign that includes posting videos such as "ENERGY STAR Home of the Week" and "ENERGY STAR Tip of the Week" on its website.

         Encouraging two of the largest builders in Idaho to commit to building 100 percent ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

         Training realtors about the benefits of purchasing a home that has earned the ENERGY STAR and providing realtors with information to help educate potential homebuyers.

         Partnering with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Boise Valley and Canyon County to provide verification services for the construction of ENERGY STAR qualified homes.


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