Southern California Edison Company

Rosemead, California

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Southern California Edison Company

Southern California Edison (SCE) Company, an investor-owned utility with nearly 14 million people in its service territory, is a national leader in delivering electrical energy efficiency solutions to customers. SCE is receiving recognition for employing the ENERGY STAR brand to help drive customers toward immediate and persistent energy savings; delivering  education, training, and community outreach to encourage energy-efficient techniques and behaviors; and to drive long-term market transformation for energy efficiency. Key accomplishments include:


         Fielding a comprehensive co-branded marketing campaign showcasing and promoting ENERGY STAR that employed mass market television commercials, targeted direct communications, and community events that engaged customers in an ongoing dialogue about the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products.

         Creating an internet presence for this campaign by developing a Web landing page to educate customers on energy-efficient products, with direct links to the ENERGY STAR website for additional information.

         Leveraging and expanding partnerships with retailers and offering a retail point-of-sale campaign highlighting ENERGY STAR qualified products. This campaign included training for retail store personnel to help them engage and educate customers on the advantages of purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products.

         Using its Mobile Energy Unit (MEU), a large recreational vehicle outfitted with displays and educational material to educate customers about energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR--communicating with local communities at over 230 events, with more than 50,000 visitors to the MEU.



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