Meritage Homes

Scottsdale, Arizona

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - New Home Builder and Affordable Housing

Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes is the ninth largest homebuilder in the United States, with 12 divisions across the country, every one of which is an ENERGY STAR partner. Meritage Homes is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for a companywide commitment to ENERGY STAR qualified homes. Key accomplishments include:


         Being one of the first large, national builders to construct 100 percent of its homes to earn the ENERGY STAR with more than 3,800 homes built in 2010.

         Constructing 14 Meritage Green Learning Centers across the United States that serve as education centers to teach stakeholders about energy-efficient lighting, insulation, windows, HVAC, and appliances using ENERGY STAR as a platform. The interactive displays and demonstrations educate architects, code officials, realtors, politicians, and Meritage Homes' employees about the value of energy efficiency.

         Developing local and national best management plans and guidance documents for code officials to align and educate local regulators about the construction of ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

         Taking a comprehensive green approach to communities by including features such as renewable energy, EPA WaterSense labeled products, and the EPA Indoor airPLUS package.


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