Andersen Corporation

Bayport, Minnesota

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner

Andersen Corporation

Andersen Corporation, a privately owned window and door manufacturer known for its 107-year history of leadership in energy-efficient design and environmental stewardship, employs more than 9,000 people at over 20 locations. Andersen Corporation, an ENERGY STAR partner since 1998, is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its commitment to making ENERGY STAR qualified products available to consumers and the quality of its cross-cutting environmental efforts. Key accomplishments include:


         Offering 201 window and door models that have earned the ENERGY STAR across nine different product lines--a 5 percent increase over 2009.

         Qualifying 87 percent of all window and door models as ENERGY STAR with the standard glazing option and 95 percent through offered upgrades despite more stringent ENERGY STAR specifications.

         Continuing to achieve impressive sales of ENERGY STAR qualified products, with 92 percent of its 2010 sales attributable to products that have earned the ENERGY STAR.

         Expanding its promotion of ENERGY STAR through joint-sales and marketing activities, tradeshows, and exhibits with retailers and dealers, resulting in more than 659 million impressions--a 20 percent increase over the previous year.

         Promoting ENERGY STAR to consumers and end users, educating them about the energy-saving benefits of Andersen's ENERGY STAR qualified products through a multimedia campaign that generated more than 1 billion impressions.


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