Sunoco, Inc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Management

Sunoco, Inc.

Sunoco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products and metallurgicalgrade coke for steel production. Sunoco is receiving ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition for the continuous growth of its energy management program and the company's commitment to energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR. Key accomplishments include:


         Achieving a 6 percent reduction in energy intensity for its chemical operations and a 1 percent improvement (normalized to 80 percent plant utilization) for its refining and supply business. Since 2007, the company has improved the energy intensity of its refineries by 6 percent (normalized to 80 percent utilization).

         Completing 51 energy and yield improvements to its refineries and chemical plants in 2010 for a reduction of 1.6 TBtu.

         Pledging to improve energy efficiency in each of its three refineries by 10 percent through the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, the first oil company to make this commitment.

         Building a transformative energy management work process system for plant operators and shift organizations that defines measurement and review so that these employees can make greater contributions to energy management.

         Establishing a best practice for lighting in its retail stores by upgrading 43 stores in 2010 for an estimated 10 percent reduction in electric use, equivalent to saving 2.1 million kWh; the company plans to improve 50 more stores in 2011.

         Communicating the value of energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR to the public through a public service announcement on the monitors at its pumping stations.


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