Eau Claire, Wisconsin

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Home Improvement Retail


Menards, a privately held company, is the third-largest home improvement chain in the U.S., encompassing some 240 stores across the Midwest. In 2008, Menards expanded its commitment to the program, integrating ENERGY STAR messaging into all aspects of its marketing strategy -- from product selection to staff training to grand opening events. Key accomplishments include:

         Implementing highly successful CFL recycling programs in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

         Increasing the selection of ENERGY STAR qualified products in a variety of categories, including adding a new line of appliances and an additional CFL aisle in all stores.

         Developing ENERGY STAR In-Home Training materials for more than 400 staff members using the program, and incorporating dozens of vendor demonstrations into training operations at new store openings.

         Featuring ENERGY STAR messaging in broadcast advertising, including 14 30-second radio spots and 29 television ads, as well as 52 weekly store announcements and in-store signage.

         Maintaining a strong ENERGY STAR presence on the Menards Web page that features multiple ENERGY STAR links, including the ENERGY STAR Pledge, linked directly from the company's main page. Menards is a top retail pledge driver achieving more than 16 million in carbon reductions through customer pledges.

         Prominently featuring ENERGY STAR at grand opening events, where ENERGY STAR games and activities extended the importance of energy efficiency to children and their families.

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