Fairfield, New Jersey

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner


For more than 50 years, MaxLite has excelled in manufacturing and marketing energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures nationwide. The company has reaffirmed its position as a manufacturer of energy-efficient products by continuing to qualify 100% of its light fixture offerings with ENERGY STAR. MaxLite received ENERGY STAR recognition for its dedication to innovation. Key accomplishments include:

         Developing a low-mercury CFL. Without any sacrifice in quality or performance, MaxLite reduced 13-watt CFL dosing of mercury to only 1.2 mg per lamp.

         Expanding its selection of GU24-based self ballasted CFLs' components employed by MaxLite and other industry-leading fixture manufacturers. New products include dimmable and covered CFLs designed to mimic the appearance of incandescent light bulbs.

         Launching the revolutionary Faux Can product, a dimmable, energy-efficient alternative to recessed canister fixtures exceeding ENERGY STAR qualifications and California Title 24 performance requirements for light fixtures.

         Unveiling its Brigantine Collection of ENERGY STAR qualified decorative light fixtures, which combine quality, style, and dimming features.

         Positioning ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures in the country's three largest home improvement retail chains.

         Demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection by launching one of the industry's first turn-key CFL recycling programs and making it available to all MaxLite customers.

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