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Minnesota Refining Division (now St. Paul Park Refinery)
301 St. Paul Park Rd.
St. Paul Park, MN 55071
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The St. Paul Park Refinery is located in St. Paul Park, Minnesota, along the Mississippi River.  The refinery became Minnesota?s first petroleum refinery when it was relocated from Texas in 1939.  It has been expanded and increased in complexity in several steps over the years.  The refinery started as a 1,000 barrel per day facility that employed a couple dozen people and has grown to its current 74,000 barrel per day capacity, employing well over 500 company personnel and contractors.

In addition to being expanded, the refinery has also changed ownership several times.  The original owners were Northwestern Refining Company from 1939 to 1970, when the refinery was acquired by Ashland Oil, Inc.  The refinery became part of Marathon?s refining system in 1998.  Ownership transitioned again to Northern Tier Energy in 2010.

St. Paul Park supplies 25% of the area?s motor fuels by refining and upgrading sour and sweet crude oils from the United States and Canada to produce a product slate of gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, kerosene, propane, jet fuel, propylene, roofing flux, and fuel oil.

A number of projects and practices have been employed that have resulted in great energy-efficient accomplishments within the refinery.  Such activities and results have included:

?         The development of processes for monitoring heat exchanger fouling and coordinating timing of exchanger cleaning have reduced heater duty requirements. 

?         The increase of steam trap surveys and maintenance work has minimized steam losses. 

?         Heater studies and associated improvement projects have increased heater efficiencies, while more robust boiler controls have reduced steam venting. 

?         Improved turbine management has increased online reliability. 

?         Operator training has reinforced the impacts personnel can have on overall refinery efficiency.

ENERGY STAR plant certification was first received by the St. Paul Park Refinery in 2006.


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Petroleum Refinery