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Union Bridge Plant
675 Quaker Hill Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791
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In 1907, a chemist working for a Pittsburgh glass manufacturer visited Union Bridge looking for limestone to use in the production of glass but instead found high-grade limestone and a perfect location for a cement plant. Work began on the Union Bridge plant in September of 1909 with the creation of Tidewater Portland Cement Company and eventual purchase by Lehigh Cement Company in the 1920’s.

Subsequent plant expansions occurred in the mid 1950’s adding kiln lines and cement silos.  During the early 1970’s another kiln installation and additional cement grinding mills occurred bringing the plant to a 4-long dry kiln operation producing about 1 million tons of cement per year. This equipment remained in operation until a new 5 stage precalciner kiln was installed and commissioned in 2001. The plant now produces up to 2.3 million tons cement per year.

By managing energy consumption during peak and off peak hours and realizing energy reduction projects that helped to contribute to improved plant performance, pre-heater and kiln fuel consumption decreased by 3.8% and overall plant power consumption was reduced 4.5%.

The Lehigh Union Bridge Plant reduced the amount of coal burned in the kiln and calciner with a GHG neutral dried Class A Sewage Sludge (biosolids). Lehigh Union Bridge was the first cement plant in the United States to burn biosolids as a fuel in this magnitude. The plant avoided using 62,843 tons of a naturally occurring fossil fuel and replaced it with a renewable biomass material.

The plant earned the ENERGY STAR certification for the first time in 2013 with an energy performance score of 100, at 95% of plant capacity utilization and with GHG Savings of 100,391,633 kg CO2e, and energy savings of 1,321,221 MMBtu.

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2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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