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Millbrook Lisle 1011 LLC
1011 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532
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Located just south of Morton Arboretum, these buildings are a commanding, but quietly elegant, presence along the East-West corridor.  Arboretum Lakes is a beautifully landscaped office campus where buildings of granite and reflective green glass blend with the lakes, trees and a park like environment.   The complex is accented with covered walkways, several ponds and a gazebo. A large selection of restaurants and hotels are in the immediate area. Three of the four buildings in the Arboretum Lakes complex have now achieved the ENERGY STAR designation.   

West was built in 1998 and consists of 190,361 square feet of beautiful Class A office space. Amenities for this building include an on-site cafeteria with lakeside terrace dining, a building conference room, lower level covered parking accessible via an enclosed tunnel and 24 hour card key access.


Arboretum Lakes began tracking its energy use towards obtaining its ENERGY STAR rating in January of 2006 and officially earned the ENERGY STAR designation in December 2007. The rating has continued to improve since that time.


Examples of Technologies and Practices at the 1011 Warrenville Road Building:


?              Green reflective insulated glass windows

?              Energy efficient lighting system and bulbs

?              Variable frequency drives for (4) 230/460 volt, 75 horsepower with a max RPM of 1780 supply fans that were installed in December, 2006

?              Variable frequency drives for (8) 230/460 volt, 15 horsepower with a max RPM of 1175 exhaust fans that were installed in November, 2005

?              HVAC coil replacement in 2007/2008


Energy Management


Several years ago Hamilton Partners contracted an energy management professional to consult on the energy concerns at these buildings.  The consultant reviews each of the monthly energy bills for accuracy and provides advice on rates and alternate supplier information.  Hamilton Partners created a separate company for the purpose of aggregating electricity cost throughout its portfolio in order to obtain bulk discounted pricing.  The building utilizes the Engage system for its internal metering needs, electronically tracking use on each of the tenant floors as well as tracking base building mechanical and lighting use and costs.

Hamilton Partners engineering and maintenance staff has begun taking proactive steps to increase efforts to maximize energy efficiency:


?              Installation of motion sensors for lighting in dock areas and restrooms.

?              Ongoing replacement of T-12 fluorescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and ballasts.

?              Ongoing replacement of incandescent bulbs with screw in compact fluorescent bulbs.

?              Installation of variable frequency/speed drives on its mechanical components, both HVAC and water pumps.

?              Installation of condenser coils to increase efficiency of the compressors and lower electrical usage.

?              Periodic review and constant tracking of energy use patterns to determine and correct energy inefficiencies. 

?              Review of lighting schedules and optimization of start up times for HVAC services.

?              Daily engineering staff walkthroughs of vacant spaces to ensure only emergency lighting is illuminated and HVAC is appropriately programmed for vacancy. 



 Other steps Hamilton Partners is taking to reduce its carbon footprint:


?              The building has an active recycling program for tenants to recycle paper, glass and plastics.   There are recycle bins at each workstation, copy center, printer station for paper recycling as well as centrally located glass and plastics recycling bins.  Waste Management supplies recycling services to the building.  All of the paper and waste removal products are made with recycled materials.

?              Implemented waste reductions through use of the coreless toilet tissue in all its washrooms.  Coreless toilet tissue eliminates waste from cardboard cores and is packaged in bulk, rather than in individually wrapped rolls. 

?              The building staff along with its contract cleaning service instituted green cleaning chemicals rated by the US Green Building Council for all of its regularly scheduled cleaning tasks. 

?              There are multiple bicycle racks at the complex to promote cycling to work vs. generation of vehicle emissions.

?              The building participates in non-chemical goose control through the use of a border collie service and swans. 






Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Millbrook Properties Arboretum Lakes Lisle or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Building Owner:*
Millbrook Properties Arboretum Lakes Lisle

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2007 (79)
2008 (81)
2014 (85)
2015 (87)
2016 (88)

Facility Type: Office

Total Floorspace: 212534 sf

Year Constructed: 1998

Contract Type: None

Technologies Used: