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1999 Broadway
1999 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202
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Located at 1999 Broadway in Denver, CO, this property is a 43-story, green glass office tower built around the Holy Ghost Catholic Church. The building was constructed in 1984 and includes 680,276 square feet of rentable space. Original construction specified that pneumatic controlled fan powered boxes with three stages of electric heat would be installed in all tenant office areas. Two independent energy management systems controlled the building operations. One system functioned as a basic time clock while the other handled limited direct digital control (DDC) functions. Primary HVAC equipment consists of 12 75hp fans and two chillers with a combined capacity of 1,500 tons. The cooling tower is comprised of four cells, each with a capacity of 500 tons. Three 30hp pumps provide domestic water service to all areas of the property.

In 1994, the building ownership embarked on a Demand Side Management (DSM) program which brought district steam into the building. The installation of a new energy management system (EMS) allowed for a steam hybrid heating system to be installed. This heating system provided night set back, morning warm up, and pressurization capabilities to all areas of the building. The introduction of the steam hybrid system significantly reduced the winter electrical peak demand.

The first major lighting upgrade occurred in 2000/2001. New, low mercury T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts were installed in all fixtures. In addition, the center tube in each fixture was permanently removed. Incandescent exit signs were replaced with new LED signs, and all existing T-12 lamps located in the building's service areas were upgraded to T-8 lamps. High pressure sodium light fixtures located in the parking garage were replaced with T-8 fluorescent fixtures and electronic ballasts.

In 2005, Transwestern Broadreach 1999 L.L.C. purchased the property and began a program dedicated to replacing inefficient and antiquated equipment. All of the main supply air fans were upgraded to new premium efficiency motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) were installed. New electronic control panels were installed on both chillers and a VFD was installed on the  lead chiller. The cooling tower was completely rebuilt and again new premium efficiency motors with new fans were installed. VFDs were installed on the two lead cooling tower fans. All three domestic water pumps were fitted with VFDs. Finally, a new LON-based energy management system was installed, which allows for the monitoring and control of some 1,500 plus points. As new construction progresses, the old pneumatic fan powered box controls are replaced with the latest direct digital controls. This DDC upgrade on tenant floors is about 60 percent complete.
Since 2005, all new construction is required to install passive infrared lighting controls. In 2010, contractors will complete the final phase of a 3-year window wet seal project. Also scheduled for completion in 2010 is the upgrade and replacement of all fire sprinkler heads throughout the tower. The new sprinkler heads will activate within 15 seconds vs. the old standard of 45 seconds. Two large pumps are scheduled to be rebuilt and motors upgraded to premium efficiency by the end of 2010 as well.

1999 Broadway uses the computerized Angus Anywhere software for submitting and tracking tenant work orders. This software is also used for the scheduling of planned maintenance on over 200 pieces of equipment. This software provides instant status reports to tenants and team members as well as a multitude of information including history, employee hours, and report generation. 

Since purchasing the property, Transwestern Broadreach 1999 L.L.C. has dedicated much time and capital to preserving the building envelope, improving tenant safety, and continuing to upgrade equipment in order to reduce overall energy costs.


LEED Silver Certification August 2009
Press release for LEED Silver Certification
BOMA 2009 The Office Building of the Year (TOBY) Participant



Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Franklin Street Properties Corp. or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Service Provider:
Hadji & Associates

Building Owner:*
Franklin Street Properties Corp.

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2006 (77)
2007 (81)
2008 (91)
2009 (89)
2010 (89)
2011 (86)
2012 (89)
2014 (84)
2015 (89)
2016 (90)
2017 (86)

Facility Type: Office

Total Floorspace: 749866 sf

Year Constructed: 1984

Contract Type: None
Financing Type: Internal Capital

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 3-Load Reductions
   Stage 4-Fan Systems
   Stage 5-Heating and Cooling Plant
   Other Technologies/Strategies