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Casio America, Inc.
570 Mount Pleasant Ave.
Dover, NJ 07801
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Casio America Inc. [Casio] - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Casio Computer, Tokyo, Japan - has been a fixture in Dover, New Jersey since the building?s construction in 1987. Since construction at that time was not as energy-conservation conscious as it is now, the Casio Facilities Team has been challenged to find ways to increase the building?s energy efficiency. The 125,000 square feet of the building are divided into 68,000 square feet of warehouse space and 57,000 square feet of office space. Managing the dual-purpose building is always a challenge, especially when attempting to maintain maximum energy efficiency.


More focused attention on energy-saving methods began in 2006 with the installation of two high volume low speed (HVLS) fans in the warehouse. Year after year, these fans have reduced winter fuel consumption as they eliminate hot and cold air stratification, keeping the air temperature constant. More consistent air temperature in the winter and cooler summer temperatures keep warehouse workers more comfortable year-round, increasing productivity and employee morale.     


In 2007, through New Jersey?s SmartStart Buildings program, Casio changed out old, inefficient warehouse lighting, installing T5 High Bay fixtures with motion sensors. These provide much more efficient lighting and are only used when necessary. With these improvements, calculated savings are more than 33,000 kWh/year for a cost-savings of approximately $5,000.


Installing more motion sensors throughout the office side of the facility became a priority in 2008. These motion sensors save numerous kilowatt hours every year. Often described as ?low-hanging fruit? by energy analysts, Casio regularly identifies items such as this to target low-cost savings opportunities.


An Energy Bank Unit, also installed in 2008, promises a reduction of more than 10% in kW usage. Attached to the building?s electrical lines, it provides power factor correction, harmonics reduction, lightning protection, phase balancing, and voltage sag/spike reduction. While difficult to separate the device?s effectiveness from the other energy-reduction measures, it certainly works towards a reduction in electricity consumption.


The remaining lights in the warehouse were equipped with motion sensors in 2010 with another partial reimbursement from New Jersey?s SmartStart Buildings program. Soon, all the office light switches will also be changed out as the Facilities Department continues its ongoing campaign to reduce electricity usage in conference rooms, offices, and common areas.


By tracking weather, daily energy consumption trends, and building usage, Senior Facilities Director, John Conway, identifies ways to adjust building temperature and to stagger the HVAC system components so as not to trigger demand spikes. Careful monitoring of building operation hours combined with timers to insure the building equipment only runs when the building is more than 50 percent occupied has been Conway?s goal. ?If we can minimize the system?s usage, we can minimize the electricity we are using. Keeping my finger on the pulse of the building, whether the seasonal demands of our warehouse operations or the climatic demands of the weather, I am ready to make adjustments at any time.?  This preparedness has allowed Casio to participate in ENERNOC?s demand response program, which exists to reduce electric consumption in the power grid when a critical situation occurs to prevent "brown-outs" or "black-outs" in Casio?s area.


In 2011, Casio concluded a technical study done to provide more vital information in its quest for continuous improvement in energy savings. More measures are being identified and implemented as possible. Earning an ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 84 is something the facilities team is extremely proud of and looks forward to improving upon in the years to come.






Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Casio America Inc. or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Building Owner:*
Casio America Inc.

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2011 (82)
2012 (83)
2013 (84)
2017 (77)

Facility Type: Distribution Center

Total Floorspace: 126108 sf

Year Constructed: 1986

Contract Type: None

Technologies Used:
   Stage 2-Lighting