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One Biscayne Tower
2 South Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33131
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One Biscayne Tower is a 39-story, Class A commercial office building in the center of Miami's central business district. The property was constructed in 1973 and significantly renovated in 1990.

One of the driving forces behind energy conservation efforts has been simple economics.  The building's energy conservation program has resulted in major reductions of electrical KWH consumption and KW demand, producing savings of approximately 26%.  This program was accomplished in several phases.  These phases consisted of a comprehensive Lighting Retrofit, reconfiguration and Retrofit of the HVAC system and the caulking and tinting of the building's windows.

The lighting program consisted of retrofitting all light fixtures in the building and the installation of time clocks or occupancy sensors in bathrooms and many common areas, including the parking garage.  The most common fixture, a 2 x 4, four tube troffer fixture with two ballasts and four tubes, was retrofitted with reflectors, two tubes and one electronic ballast, eliminating two bulbs and one ballast.  The two remaining bulbs were replaced with T-8 lamps and an energy efficient electronic ballast.  The fixture wattage was reduced over 50% with no loss of lumens.  Aside from the direct savings in reduced KWH usage and KW demand, there were additional benefits from reduced maintenance costs associated with tube and ballast replacement, a lower heat load and an acknowledged better quality of lighting.

Down lights were replaced with compact fluorescents, which reduced wattage by approximately 85% per unit.  The projected life of the new fluorescent lights is 6 to 10 times longer than standard incandescent lamps, also rendering significant savings in maintenance.

Operating costs have decreased and our competitive position in the market has improved.  The building is now in the process of retrofitting existing light switches with occupancy sensors for all tenant suites and estimates that, at completion, we may achieve an additional electrical savings of up to 5%.

Another major phase of the program consisted of the re-engineering of the HVAC system to take advantage of its inherent qualities plus improvements made possible over the past 20 years. Having a well-engineered system is not only more efficient, but allows for more precise control of temperatures, ventilation, and enhanced responsiveness to tenant requirements.

One 900-ton chiller was replaced with a high efficiency unit converting its load from .9 KW/Ton to .592 KW/Ton.  The other 900-ton chiller was converted to a more environmentally acceptable CFC, in accordance with the latest government and industry guidelines.  The building's HVAC vendor developed a comprehensive re-design of the distribution system, allowing for the use of higher efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, improved filtration by use of 90% efficient bag filters and state of the art electronic controls.  The entire system is automated via an electronic system which provides constant, on-line monitoring of all building systems.  The net effect of these changes is KWH and KW demand reduction.

The other components of the energy conservation program at One Biscayne Tower included use of UV rated window films on the windows, new window caulking, window blinds and a variety of other miscellaneous improvements.  Together, the energy saving program has resulted in a direct savings on utilities in excess of 26%.  Better internal working conditions for tenants, reductions of required maintenance and environmental contributions have also been achieved.



"The combination of our energy savings programs has improved the operating efficiency of One Biscayne Tower while reducing operating costs, thus making the building more competitive in the market.  We are fortunate that the building's ownership has had the foresight and financial acumen to take advantage of the technology and economic incentives now available in the market place. We pride ourselves on achieving the prestigious ENERGY STAR and will continue to take the necessary steps towards improving our energy efficiency."

-- Philip E. Porta, Property Manager, Institutional Property Managers

Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Institutional Property Managers, LLC or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Service Provider:
Servidyne Systems, LLC

Building Owner:*
Institutional Property Managers, LLC

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2007 (86)
2008 (87)
2009 (88)
2010 (89)
2011 (89)
2012 (90)
2013 (90)
2014 (92)
2015 (94)
2016 (94)
2017 (93)

Facility Type: Office

Total Floorspace: 774873 sf

Year Constructed: 1974

Contract Type: Performance Contract

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 3-Load Reductions
   Stage 4-Fan Systems
   Stage 5-Heating and Cooling Plant
   Other Technologies/Strategies