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Best Western Hotels and Resorts - Global Operations Center
20400 N 29th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85027
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Constructed in 1989, the Beardsley Operations Center (BOC) houses approximately 600 employees ranging from reservations sales agents, sales, IT, human resources, customer care, hotel inspection, and revenue management personnel.

It is the largest Best Western corporate facility, with 110,000 square feet of office space sitting on 11.77 acres of land, including vacant land for future building expansions. It features a state-of-the-art data center, a central courtyard, a cafe, covered parking, and an energy-efficient, water-cooled air conditioning system.

The energy efficiency of the air conditioning system is made possible in part by a 450,000 gallon underground thermal storage tank that was included in the first phase of construction. Water needed for the air conditioning system is cooled during non-peak utility hours and used during peak utility hours.

In 2008, corporate staff launched an expansive drive to promote and execute green building practices. Steered by a green committee, employees have made significant strides in saving energy and reducing the number of trips, and have taken part in numerous green initiatives to promote conservation, recycling, and reduced waste.

In fact, since the initiative began, energy consumption at the facility has been reduced by 11 percent, more than 50 percent of the waste is now being diverted from the landfills for recycling, and approximately $90,000 has been received in utility company incentives for installing energy-efficient upgrades to lighting and air conditioning systems. Since energy-saving efforts began at BOC, Best Western has saved nearly 1.4 million KwH of electricity.

Here are the accomplishments and ongoing initiatives that have helped to improve energy performance:


-- Energy Audit. Contracted an independent company to perform an energy audit.  


-- Joined ENERGY STAR. Partnered with ENERGY STAR with an initial pledge of saving 5 percent energy over the next 12 months.


-- Benchmarking. Worked with ENERGY STAR to benchmark our facilities against similar facilities across the country.


-- Recycling Program. Implemented a large-scale recycling program and made the cafe more environmentally friendly by using locally-sourced ingredients, incentivizing the use of refillable cups, and eliminating Styrofoam.


-- Trip Reduction Program. Participate in a trip reduction program to reduce pollution and protect the environment by reducing single-occupant vehicle trips and/or miles traveled to work by 10 percent a year for a total of 5 years and 5 percent for an additional three years -- or until a 60 percent rate of SOV travel is reached. Offer employees incentives to: bus, carpool, walk, bike, telecommute, and participate in compressed work weeks.


-- Lighting. Changed all lighting to energy-efficient light bulbs and retrofit lighting fixtures. Also engaged employees to turn off lights and computers/electric appliances when not in use.


-- Data Center CRAC Replacement. Replaced 4 Liebert CW084, and relocated 2 existing Liebert FH376 System 3s. Installed AC4 controller Lead/Lag operation, installed site link 12E controller for remote operation, and installed two variable speed drives on 4 FH 376 System 3s. Received $14,058 incentives from APS for this project plus a Certificate of Recognition from APS for saving 1,917,174 kWh, 879 tons carbon dioxide emissions, and 446,702 gallons of water over the life expectancy of this equipment.


-- Chiller Replacement. Installed two new, 350-ton energy-efficient chillers.


-- Chiller Load. Limited running capacity of chiller at start up to a maximum of 40 percent load for 20 minutes. Chiller starts every evening to charge a 450,000 gallon thermal storage tank. Chiller was loading up at start-up to 80 ? 90 percent and reducing this load to 40 ? 50 percent after approximately 15 minutes run time.


-- Staggered Kitchen Equipment "On" Times. Scheduled kitchen equipment to be turned on in the morning in 15 minute intervals to reduce possible demand.


-- Energy-Efficient Copiers. Replaced 20 existing copy machines with energy-efficient Xerox Color Cubes. Removed approximately 90 desktop and laser printers due to staff printing to the new Color Cubes. Copiers use less ink that is more environmentally friendly.


-- Replaced 110 Fan Coil Units.


-- Parking Lot Lighting. Separated parking-lot lights into sections. Set on/off times according to parking lot occupancy. Prior to this action, parking lot lights were on from dusk to dawn. Reduced lighting times by more than 60 percent.


-- Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacement. Replaced two up-flow kitchen exhaust fans with energy-efficient models.


-- Kitchen Boiler. Installed new Lochinvar, fan-assisted 500,000 BTU boiler.


-- Replaced Cooling Tower. Installed new 600-ton, Evapco, stainless-steel, counter-flow cooling tower.


-- Toilet Sensors. Installed sensors for toilet flush valves.


-- Posting of Energy Bar Charts. Post monthly energy bar charts on bulletin boards at employee time clocks.


-- Meter Readings. Document daily water, electric, and gas meter readings.


-- Electronic Publications. All brand news publications, which include everything from weekly newsletters to quarterly magazines, are offered electronically. Member billing statements are also offered electronically.


-- Online Training. Most training and education resources are offered online via the company's intranet, to conserve paper and other resources.


-- Awards. Annual Green Award presented to select employees who exemplify "going green."


-- Green Holidays. Promote "green" holidays by encouraging recycled decorating and no lighting.


-- ENERGY STAR Pledge. Many employees have taken the "Change the World" ENERGY STAR Pledge, resulting in pledges to save 759,495 lbs. GHGs, 407,469 KwH,1,018,071,828 BTUs, which translates into a saving of $60,071.


-- Earth Day Celebrations. Green committee hosts annual Earth Day celebrations.


-- Energy Management System (EMS)

1.    Change out nine Invensys Controllers in the central plant with 6 Distech 510 Lon Controllers.

2.    Reprogram central plant for proper operation.
3.    Reprogram and calibrate sensors for 28 Fan Coils with Honeywell Spyder Controls.
4.    Reprogram 76 Fan Coil with Invesys Controls.
5.    Setup Bacnet points for UPS.
6.    Install new Jace 2 with expanded memory, Lon driver, and modbus driver.


-- Manager Communications. Encourage managers to hold their employees accountable for working "green" through manager meetings and other communication vehicles.


-- Green Policies. Published green policies and procedures in employee handbook.


-- "Save-a-Light" Campaign. Gave a CFL to every employee to promote using CFLs at home


-- Monthly Green Report. Publish a monthly "Green Report" to all employees.


-- Green Committee. Formulated a green team that meets monthly to lead the company effort in becoming GREEN.


-- Produced Green Video. Published a humorous video to employees encouraging them to save electricity by turning off lights.






Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Best Western International, Inc or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Building Owner:*
Best Western International, Inc

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2011 (82)
2012 (80)
2013 (94)
2014 (93)
2015 (92)
2016 (94)
2017 (93)

Facility Type: Mixed Use Property

Total Floorspace: 110000 sf

Year Constructed: 1989

Contract Type: None

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 5-Heating and Cooling Plant
   Other Technologies/Strategies