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Bruton High School
185 Rochambeau Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23188
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In 1976, York County School Division built its third high school, Bruton High School, which is located in the northern end of York County on the outskirts of Williamsburg. After 27 years of service, Bruton High received a complete renovation in 2003. The renovation design centered on enhancing the educational environment and incorporated many high-performance, sustainable building features.

These include:

?              Replacing the entire roof with a built-up roof consisting of many layers of insulation which decrease the heating and cooling loads. It also incorporates a white cap sheet, which boosts the reflectivity of the sun and greatly reduces the solar heat load on the building.

?              Adding a 2,870sf auxiliary gymnasium.

?              Replacing all single pane windows in the classroom wing with tinted, double-pane, insulated windows. The new windows have gaskets and a thermal break between the inner and outer frame.

?              Installing new high-efficiency T-8 fluorescent lights in all classrooms and offices along with occupancy sensors which turn off the lights when the room is unoccupied.

?              Installing high-efficiency fluorescent sports-lighting fixtures to replace old inefficient high intensity discharge lights in the main gymnasium and weight room. These lights are also controlled by occupancy sensors.

?              Replacing an existing massive electric water heater with several high-efficiency gas water heaters.

?              Furnishing the school with a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) building automation system which provides:

o        Individual building automation controls for each classroom which enable the occupant to adjust the temperature up or down 3?F and override the "off" schedule in  1-hour increments.

o        Heating & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to setback temperatures at night, weekends and holidays.

o        Daily recalculation of HVAC equipment starts and stops times based on room temperature and outside air temperature.

o        Curtailing of electrical demand peaks by load shedding.

o        Lighting control.

o        An interface with classroom occupancy sensors to reset room temperature set points when rooms are unoccupied.

o        A log of temperatures, alarms and equipment run times to verify proper operation.

o        Permanent carbon dioxide and humidity monitoring.

A high-efficiency geothermal heating and air-conditioning system replaced the original all-electric, multi-zoned rooftop heating and air-conditioning units.

This system included:  

?              An innovative design concept of installing 85 geothermal heat pumps in mechanical corridors between classrooms.

?              A ground coupled closed loop piping system with 320 vertical loops (200 ft. depth).

?              Dedicated fresh air make-up systems.

?              Six dual-heat wheel style energy recovery units.


Bruton High School has the distinguished honor of being the first high school building in Virginia to receive the EPA's ENERGY STAR Building Label. It has received this award for two consecutive years, 2006 and 2007. The plaques are displayed prominently in the commons area of the school. Personnel from many other school systems, architects and professional engineers have toured this facility to observe the implementation of high-performance, sustainable building design. The success of this school has been presented at multiple conferences. The York County School Division also participates in various Earth Day activities and the EPA's Change a Light campaign.


"Today Bruton High School students and staff enjoy a comfortable, inviting school building with superior indoor air quality and an exceptional teaching environment. The maintenance staff enjoys that the building does not require continuous maintenance and the school board enjoys the fact that the operating cost of Bruton High School ranges around only $.67 sqft /year. The school division is committed to providing the best learning environment possible and providing it in high performance, sustainable buildings."

-- Mark Tschirhart, CEM, CBCP, Supervisor of Resources and Security, The York County School Division

-- Mark Tschirhart, CEM, CBCP, Supervisor of Resources and Security, The York County School Division

Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by York County School Division or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Building Owner:*
York County School Division

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2006 (75)
2007 (80)
2009 (98)
2010 (97)
2011 (98)
2012 (100)
2014 (100)

Facility Type: K-12 School

Total Floorspace: 155084 sf

Year Constructed: 1976

Contract Type: Single Turn-Key Contract
Financing Type: Public Bond

Technologies Used: