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Phoenix Plaza Tower 1
2901 N. Central Avenue Tower 1
Phoenix, AZ 85012
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The Phoenix Plaza, a Class A property located in midtown Phoenix, is proud to announce the recent achievement of the ENERGY STAR, a national symbol that distinguishes our property as one of the top 25% in the nation in terms of energy performance and environmental leadership.

Owned by GE Asset Management and managed by CB Richard Ellis, our team's hard work and innovative ideas have paid off with the success of significantly reducing energy consumption and will continue to pay off with the future implementation of energy conservation strategies.

Our primary focus in realizing optimal energy reduction results has been to first educate the property management and engineering staff, and then educate the tenants of the building.  Spreading the word to our tenants and raising energy conservation awareness makes all occupants of the building part of our team and allows them to take part by implementing energy saving tools and practices in the course of their business.

Secondly, by redefining our maintenance and operations procedures as well as upgrading to energy efficient equipment, we have attained substantial savings.  One of the most popular upgrades, with proven savings for office buildings of this size, is lighting.  At The Phoenix Plaza we have gone to great lengths to outfit light fixtures throughout the property with low wattage bulbs.  From the elevators (65 to 16 watts) to the exterior canopy lights (90 to 19 watts) to the lobby domes (23 to 9 watts), we achieve the same bright light at a fraction of the cost.  Additionally, 90% of tenant spaces have been converted to high efficiency lighting, motion sensors have been installed in all restrooms and phone rooms, and lighting timers were installed in the janitor closets.

Here in the desert, HVAC usage plays a big part in energy consumption.  By providing air conditioning only during regular business hours, adjusting temperature set points, limiting after-hours usage by request only, and installing sub-meters in tenant suites, we are able to manage electricity usage and eliminate energy waste.  Furthermore, regular preventative maintenance is a key factor in ensuring that all systems continue to operate efficiently.  All floor fans have been upgraded with variable speed drives and all chillers have a soft start which prevents that initial full load electricity draw of older models.  Another example of equipment upgrades is the 100 ton pony chiller that was added for the purpose of handling after-hours HVAC usage.  As it turned out, the pony chiller worked so well that it is now used during business hours in lieu of a larger 600 ton chiller, accomplishing the same results with significant energy savings.  Last, but not least, flat plates were installed on the building rooftops for the tenants supplemental units, greatly reducing the load on the 600 ton chillers.

Future plans for The Phoenix Plaza include occupant sensors on all construction for new tenants, upgrading tenant suite lighting with Ultra Max ballasts and 26 watt bulbs, and changing exit lighting to LED. 

Having the ENERGY STAR and our plaques proudly displayed in the building lobbies is only the beginning.  By tracking our energy consumption each month using EPA's Portfolio Manager we are able to stay on top of our savings and maintain control of actual energy usage at The Phoenix Plaza.  Through ongoing training, we continue to look for new ways to save, stay current on new technology, and stay on the cutting edge of energy conservation.  At The Phoenix Plaza we're saving energy while maintaining occupant comfort and making a testament to protecting the environment for future generations.





Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Phoenix Plaza PT LLC, c/o CBRE or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Service Provider:
Servidyne Systems, LLC

Building Owner:*
Phoenix Plaza PT LLC, c/o CBRE

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2005 (77)
2009 (87)
2010 (92)
2012 (96)
2013 (80)
2015 (90)
2016 (87)
2017 (93)

Facility Type: Office

Total Floorspace: 451912 sf

Year Constructed: 1987

Contract Type: None

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 3-Load Reductions
   Stage 4-Fan Systems
   Stage 5-Heating and Cooling Plant