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Kaeser Compressors, Inc. US Headquarters
511 Sigma Dr
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
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Kaeser's U.S. headquarters building in Fredericksburg, VA, was built in 1994. Its large warehouse spans 70,062 square feet, and prior to 2009, the building housed 21,058 square feet of office space. Over time, projects to improve the building's energy efficiency have included improved HVAC units and motion-sensor lights in several areas.

More recent energy efficiency efforts include a high efficiency warehouse lighting retrofit and changes to the HVAC control system.
One of the largest sources of energy consumption in the facility was the lighting systems in the warehouse and shipping/receiving areas. High efficiency fluorescent T5s replaced metal Halide fixtures, which reduced energy consumption by 50 percent. Occupancy sensors were added to the warehouse so aisles are only lit when personnel are working in them. Not only did energy consumption drop by half, but light level and quality improved dramatically as well. Kaeser's HVAC control systems were also re-configured to reduce their operation to a minimum when the facility is not occupied on nights or weekends. Future plans include upgraded demand controlled ventilation.

The 2009 expansion nearly doubled the office space by adding 17,500 square feet. The expansion's design incorporated several energy-saving elements including:

Reflective TPO Roof
Kaeser's expansion features a white Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roof to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it like a black Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM) roof--reducing the energy required to cool the building. The roof is comprised of a three-layer membrane that carries the ENERGY STAR label for exceeding rigorous guidelines based upon solar reflectance and heat emittance. Additionally, the roof membrane is produced without the use of any chlorinated ingredients or plasticizers and is 100 percent recyclable.

Underfloor-Air-Distribution System
The expansion also features an underfloor-air-distribution system that requires less static pressure than an overhead variable air volume (VAV) system and produces fan-energy operating savings of 30 percent over a traditional VAV system. The system supplies air at 60-63?F (instead of a traditional supply air temperature of 55?F), which is not only more energy-efficient, but also improves occupant comfort.

Natural Light, Reflective Ceiling Panels, and High-Efficiency Lighting Fixtures
Large windows allow sunlight to enter the building, and reflective ceiling panels reflect natural and artificial light. High-efficiency lighting fixtures determine the amount of light present in the building and lower their output accordingly. Saving even more energy, the lighting system is controlled by a computer. With just a couple of key strokes, actions like rezoning light switches, dimming, and dual-level switching can be completed. The fixtures utilize 100 percent reusable components--keeping fixture parts in use and out of landfills. The bulbs themselves require fewer natural resources to produce, and components like highly reflective-paint allow less output without affecting the level of light for employees.

The building received an energy performance score of 83 to earn the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance in 2010--well above the national average and exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements.


Kaeser became an ENERGY STAR partner in early 2009. We created a press release to announce our partner status, and distributed the release to relevant trade publications.

We also announced our ENERGY STAR partnership to employees and distributors via channels including e-mails, the company newsletter, Kaeser's U.S. website and the intranet. Kaeser uses the same channels to regularly communicate the importance of energy savings, in addition to other means such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, we linked to an ENERGY STAR quiz from our intranet in April 2009 to celebrate Earth Day and to encourage employees to think about how they are using energy at home.


"Our commitment to energy management extends beyond our products and services. The design for our headquarters expansion includes many energy-saving elements, and our employees actively participate in energy and waste reduction programs."

-- Frank Mueller, President, Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Kaeser Compressors, Inc. or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Building Owner:*
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Property Manager:*

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2010 (85)

Facility Type: Non-Refrigerated Warehouse

Total Floorspace: 107195.62 sf

Year Constructed: 1994

Contract Type: Internal Resources

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 3-Load Reductions
   Stage 4-Fan Systems
   Stage 5-Heating and Cooling Plant
   Other Technologies/Strategies