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Tijeras Cement Plant
11783 S. Highway 337
Tijeras , NM 87059
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GCC's Tijeras, New Mexico cement plant construction began in 1958 (then Ideal Basic Industries).  The first raw mill started in April, 1959, the first clinker was produced from the first kiln in May, 1959, and the first cement was ground in May, 1959.  The second raw mill, finish mill and kiln were brought on line in 1960.  The kilns were originally long dry kilns burning natural gas as fuel.


Energy use and costs have always been targets for improvement at the Tijeras plant. Many equipment replacement or upgrade projects have been made over the years to contribute to higher efficiencies.  In 1978, a third finish mill was installed and coal handling and grinding equipment were also added when the primary fuel source changed to coal, consistent with industry trends.  In 1980, the kilns were shortened and two stage suspension preheaters were added.  In 1987, the clinker coolers were replaced with modern grate coolers and the coal mills were replaced with smaller more efficient mills.  Modern computerized process control equipment has recently been installed and Tijeras can be described as state-of-the-art.

The GCC Rio Grande Tijeras plant continually strives to improve energy efficiency since a high proportion of production costs are energy related.   Although an older plant, added modern cement manufacturing technology has improved the processes dramatically, enabling the plant to compete successfully with much newer plants.  Some recent improvements include reducing coal mill change out time and improving grinding aid application in cement mills, significantly reducing the on-peak electrical consumption.  Improvements in kiln operation have also reduced coal and gas consumption.


This plant, compared to an average cement plant operating in the same configuration uses 9% less energy.


During the past year, the last employee who was one of the original employees that began in 1959 retired from GCC.  Many 2nd generation employees continue to work at GCC's Tijeras plant.


GCC's Tijeras plant was awarded the ENERGY STAR for the first time in 2008.

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2008, 2009

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