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Pennsuco Cement Co.
11000 Northwest 121 Way
Medley, FL 33166
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Titan America?s parent company, Titan Cement, acquired the Pennsuco facility in 2000. An ambitious modernization project ensued, including computerized controls and testing, remote equipment sensing, energy conservation and sustainable environmental management.  Since the grand opening in 2005, Titan America has updated Pennsuco on a regular basis using best practices and ENERGY STAR? promoted technological innovations.


In 2012 additional efficiencies were engineered. The facility decreased its grinding pressure at the raw mill, thereby reducing power consumption from the mill motor. This action was monitored carefully to ensure there was no effect on kiln feed. Secondly, the facility lowered the differential pressure across all the mill cyclones which was monitored carefully to confirm there was no negative impact on the kiln feed. This action resulted in reducing the power used by the raw mill fan motor. Finally, the facility examined product finesses to see if there was a positive impact on the electrical consumption. The mix design was changed by increasing the ash content (a fine silica product), thereby reducing recirculation in the mill. With constant monitoring and close scrutiny, Pennsuco was able to conserve 7Kwh/ton of electricity in the year 2012.


Titan America?s Pennsuco cement plant is the largest capacity cement plant in the state of Florida, with permitted capacity of approximately 2.2 million tons of clinker and approximately 2.5 million tons of cement. The facility takes responsibilities for conservation and environmental stewardship very seriously and is proud to maintain an excellent record with local, state and federal agencies.   


Pennsuco plant was first recognized with the ENERGY STAR plant certification in 2008 and is currently an active ENERGY STAR partner.

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