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Environmental Life Academy partners with institutions, government and commercial organization to promote awareness on the need to reduce energy use by providing educational outreach on energy efficiency and renewable economic, workforce and sustainable development.


Every year, we ask partners to renew their commitment: Join the 2016–2017 Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign now!

Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR:

2009-2010 Goal: 17,800,000 lbs.
Current Total: 107,153 lbs.
% to Goal: 1%

Questions about your Goal?

If you have questions about setting or changing your goal, please email changetheworld@energystar.gov.

Cumulative Savings

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 107,153
Dollars $8,635
kWh 54,566
BTUs 198,845,700

This organization is a member of National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) that is also participating in the pledge. See National Energy Education Development Project (NEED)'s progress too!

Past Success:

The Change a Light Campaign

Cumulative Total Pledge [2006 – 2007]
# of Pledges 640
# of Bulbs 1,591
Energy Savings 448,662 kWh
Cost Savings $41,726
*Greenhouse Gas 650,719 lbs.

* pounds of emissions prevented