Brigantine Green Team

The Brigantine Green Team is an all volunteer group working to have Brigantine certified by Sustainable New Jersey. Brigantine is an island community just north of Atlantic City with about 9400 residents based on the 2010 US Census.

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Cumulative Participation Highlights*

Goal for the Year: 325,000 lbs of ghgs
Current Total: 145,742 lbs of ghgs
Percent to Goal: 45%

Questions about your Goal?
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Cumulative Savings Breakdown*

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 145,742 lbs
Pledge Actions: 48
Dollars: $11,356
kWh: 74,205
BTUs: 176,442,689

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*Savings shown are cumulative as of April 22, 2016

Archived Campaign Success

Results for Change the World Campaign 2016-2017
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 145,742
Dollars $11,356
kWh 74,205
BTUs 176,442,689
Results for Change the World Campaign 2015-2016
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 645,107
Dollars $43,673
kWh 407,924
BTUs 87,269,969
Results for Change the World Campaign 2014-2015
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 18,119
Dollars $1,256
kWh 10,512
BTUs 0
Results for Change the World Campaign 2013-2014
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 506,023
Dollars $43,058
kWh 260,145
BTUs 554,389,522