Energy Conservation Organization (ECO)

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Energy Conservation Organization (ECO)

Its not an huge organization of a huge number of people in it. Its only me, alone. Actually i have some fantastic ideas of conversing energy but as an individual and only a graduate i dont have any direction for my ideas nor funds for experimenting them on a small scale. For example, in public GYMs electric mahines are used like treadmills. So building/inventing such machines that convert mechanical energy into chemical energy when worked on them for public GYMs, in such a way that the efforts done by a body builder are saved in batteries would conserve energy. If not contributing anywhere it can manage its own energy consumptions for free and in a very eco-friendly manner. I have ample of such ideas, so please respond. Thank you.


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Cumulative Savings

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 27,778
Dollars $2,470
kWh 14,595
BTUs 45,614,509