Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

The Marine Corps Logistics Command is comprised of three major components-- MCLB, Albany, Georgia; MCLB, Barstow, California; and Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida. We at Barstow support Marine forces west of the Mississippi, the Far East and Asia, while Blount Island Command provides logistical support for the Marine Corps' Maritime Prepositioning Ships and the Norway Geo-Prepositioning programs.


Every year, we ask partners to renew their commitment: Join the 2016–2017 Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign now!

Cumulative Savings

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 327,504
Dollars $31,539
kWh 179,445
BTUs 441,214,509

This organization is a member of Department of Defense that is also participating in the pledge. See Department of Defense's progress too!

Past Success:

The Change a Light Campaign

Cumulative Total Pledge [2007 – 2008]
# of Pledges 79
# of Bulbs 1,137
Energy Savings 320,634 kWh
Cost Savings $29,819
*Greenhouse Gas 465,033 lbs.

* pounds of emissions prevented