Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge


A FAMILY AFFAIR REALTY As a member of NAR (the National Association of Realtors)we realtors who sell homes in our communities, owe it to our comunities to give back what we can. If every realtor has a Homeowner change at least 1 light bulb in theire home, we will be adding years to our world. Remember we can't sell if there is nothing left to sell. This WORLD IS OUR CHILDRENS TOMORROW


Every year, we ask partners to renew their commitment: Join the 2016–2017 Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign now!

Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR:

2009-2010 Goal: 356,000 lbs.
Current Total: 57,463 lbs.
% to Goal: 16%

Questions about your Goal?

If you have questions about setting or changing your goal, please email changetheworld@energystar.gov.

Cumulative Savings

These savings numbers include member organizations savings.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 57,463
Dollars $5,073
kWh 30,434
BTUs 91,229,018

Past Success:

The Change a Light Campaign

Cumulative Total Pledge [2007 – 2008]
# of Pledges 20
# of Bulbs 339
Energy Savings 95,598 kWh
Cost Savings $8,891
*Greenhouse Gas 138,651 lbs.

* pounds of emissions prevented