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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
National Grid - New Hampshire New Hampshire Utility 11,609
The Pegasus School California K-12 11,250
IT-Dienstleistungszentrum Berlin Federal 11,093
Horsham Township Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) Pennsylvania Other, Environmental Advisory Board 10,898
AcclimateUs, Inc. California Corporate 10,845
Credit Card Finder Small Business 10,570
Willard - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 10,447
Phillips - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 10,036
Seventy Five State Street Maine Other, Small Business, Health Care Facility 10,030
Illini Central High School Illinois K-12 9,997
Strosniders Hardware Stores North Carolina Small Business 9,928
Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo) Massachusetts Utility 9,434
Jackson Energy Cooperative Kentucky Electric Cooperative 9,379
Ocean County Computer Recycling Other, Computer Reuse 9,304
Green Network Technologies Small Business 9,000
Walnut Street School - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 8,128
Henry Clay High School Go Green Club Kentucky K-12 7,732
Weeks - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 7,671
U.S. HUD - Memphis Office Tennessee Federal 7,441
Okaloosa County, FL Florida Local 7,307
Summit View Elementary Energy WISE team Kentucky K-12 7,180
GIGABYTE Technology CO., LTD. Industrial, SINDH 6,684
Riley County Extension Kansas Local 6,230
Pinelands Preservation Alliance Pennsylvania Environmental/Energy 6,185
Hoover - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 5,788
Gavlabs LLC Florida Small Business 4,682
Hoyt - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 4,650
Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative Tennessee Electric Cooperative 4,500
Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation Kentucky Electric Cooperative 4,500
City of Linden, Michigan Michigan Local 4,192
Samuelson - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 3,935
Belle Terrace Nebraska Small Business 3,707
ING, El Segundo, CA California Corporate 3,660
Imagine Prep at Surprise Arizona K-12 3,600
c1 Systems Small Business 3,534
ING, Elgin, IL Illinois Corporate 2,745
Georgia Tech 2010 Georgia Student/Club 2,700
Telerx North Carolina Corporate 2,250
Utah Interfaith Power & Light Utah Religious/Spiritual 2,250
USDC Southern District of Florida Florida Federal 2,180
DayRadiantInfraredSupplyCoDivMooreFamilyEnterprise Ohio Small Business, Rural Farm grower producer 1,800
Forest City Military Communities Mid-South Tennessee Military 1,800
Lake Michigan College Michigan College/University 1,800
Municipality of Hormigueros Puerto Rico Local 1,410
Liteon Technology Corp. Corporate 1,350
The University of Mississippi Mississippi College/University 1,229
Charterhouse Corporate 900
PSES Ohio Student/Club 900
Sustainable Hudson Valley New York Environmental/Energy 900
Global DataCenter Management, Inc. California Corporate 450
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