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696 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions v
ACC Ellsworth AFB South Dakota Military 0
Black Hills Power South Dakota Utility 95,552
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission South Dakota State 4,275,172
AFMC Arnold AFB Tennessee Military 0
Colinx Tennessee Industrial, Distribution Warehouse 0
Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation Tennessee Other, Affordable Housing Agency 32,903
FedEx Corporation Tennessee Corporate 633,784
FedEx Express & Services Tennessee Corporate 72,063
Forest City Military Communities Mid-South Tennessee Military 3,647
Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative Tennessee Electric Cooperative 252,536
Putnam County, Tennessee 4-H Tennessee Other, Student/Club, 4-H/Youth Clubs 234,900
Tennessee Department of Economic Tennessee State 2,777,761
U.S. Dept of HUD - KNOXVILLE Tennessee Federal 288,583
ACC Creech AFB Texas Military 0
ACC Dyess AFB Texas Military 400,500
AEP Texas Texas Utility 264,397
AETC Goodfellow AFB Texas Military 13,857
AETC Lackland AFB Texas Military 0
AETC Laughlin AFB Texas Military 697,853
AETC Randolph AFB Texas Military 184,500
AETC Sheppard AFB Texas Military 42,277
Admin. for Children& Familes (ACF)- Dallas Regional Office Texas Federal 78,500
BOMA Austin Texas Trade/Membership 825,644
City of Arlington, Texas Texas Local 240,952
CoServ (Denton County Electric Cooperative) Texas Electric Cooperative 111,149
EMSI Texas Corporate 3,573,206
Entergy Texas Utility 2,363,146
Faith West Academy Texas K-12 108,284
Fort Hood Texas Military 37,012
Foy H. Moody High School Science Club Texas K-12 591,465
GSA, Fort Worth, TX Texas Federal 8,320
H&K International Texas Corporate 137,871
JCPenney Texas Corporate 10,215,093
Miles 6th Grade Energy Club Texas K-12 0
Promoting Green North Texas October 4, 2008 Event Texas Federal 15,247
Reit Management & Research LLC Texas Corporate 50,345
TG (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp) Texas Corporate, Student Loan Guarantor 58,070
The University of Texas System Administration Texas College/University 372,379
U.S. HUD - Fort Worth Regional Office Texas Federal 307,427
AFMC Hill AFB Utah Military 0
Liberty Homes Inc. Utah Small Business 0
Salt Lake City County, UT Utah Local 1,539,413
Salt Lake City HUD Field Office Utah Federal 101,982
Utah Interfaith Power & Light Utah Religious/Spiritual 100,576
Washington City Power Utah Utility 49,471
1st Marine Corps District Virginia Military 245,909
ACC Langley AFB Virginia Military 528,750
Albemarle County, VA Virginia Local 931,689
CSC Virginia Corporate 0
Etvertima Enterprises Virginia Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, foundation 0
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