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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Archer Home Center Iowa Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 26,727
Parsons Brinckerhoff New York Corporate, Local 26,337
Delaware's Sustainable Energy Utility Virginia Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 26,228
Princeton Electric Plant Board Kentucky Utility 26,100
Hurld Elementary School Massachusetts K-12 25,850
Carver - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 25,836
Boeing Developmental Center / Military Flight Center Washington Industrial 25,378
Naluri Pintar Sdn Bhd Small Business 24,444
AQUAPROJECT Corporate 24,235
ING, Denver, CO Colorado Corporate 24,134
McCombs - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 23,970
AJFC COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY, INC Mississippi Other, Community Action Agency 23,702
Findley - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 23,586
Lovejoy - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 23,563
Merrill - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 23,369
ACC Creech AFB Texas Military 23,131
Perkins - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 22,993
DHS ICE District of Columbia Federal 22,887
City of Roseville - Roseville Electric California Utility 22,744
Hanawalt - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 22,634
Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. Industrial 22,521
MCB Camp Allen Virginia Military 22,500
ICMA District of Columbia Other, Local Government 22,390
Pollution Prevention Institute Kansas College/University 22,261
Wright - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 21,863
85 Photo Productions Inc. New York Small Business 21,639
Studebaker - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 20,773
BGGreen Partnership for a Sustainable Community Kentucky College/University 19,624
Back2BasicsTutoring North Carolina K-12 19,271
The Michaud Group, LLC Connecticut Small Business 18,993
BLADE Network Technologies California Small Business 18,937
Department of Motor Vehicles California College/University 18,661
AFMC Arnold AFB Tennessee Military 18,000
Native Ingles University College/University 17,693
AETC Randolph AFB Texas Military 17,509
Cousins Properties - Inverness Center Alabama Corporate 17,258
Oak Park - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 16,808
SEEDS Michigan Environmental/Energy 16,594
CIR Electrical Construction Corp. New York Corporate 16,373
Jamesburg Borough New Jersey Local 16,200
AFSPC Peterson AFB Colorado Military 15,750
Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD Maryland K-12 15,689
ING, Lewiston, ME Maine Corporate 15,517
Central Regional School District New Jersey K-12 15,260
Accelerated Innovations Minnesota Small Business 14,388
McKee - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 14,342
Foster City Environmental Sustainability Taskforce California Local 13,326
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 12,848
Borough of Ocean Gate New Jersey Local 12,150
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