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571 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Central Georgia EMC Georgia Electric Cooperative 0
Centerfield Elementary Kentucky K-12 0
Center for EcoTechnology Massachusetts Environmental/Energy 0
CEMEX USA Texas Industrial 1,138,817
CB Richard Ellis Indiana Corporate 67,411
Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative North Carolina Electric Cooperative 0
Care Alliance Health Center Ohio Other, Health Care 0
Canzano Building Company Michigan Small Business 0
Campbridge Waterproofing Systems, Inc. Corporate 0
Camden Station Elementary Kentucky K-12 4,859
California Center for Sustainable Energy California Environmental/Energy 0
Bulbs Plus, Inc Colorado Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 59,052
Builders First Source North Carolina Corporate 0
Buds Heating & Air Conditioning Virginia Small Business 0
Buckner Elementary Kentucky K-12 0
Buckner Alternative High School Kentucky K-12 0
Bryan Station High School Kentucky K-12 667,314
Bryan Station High School Kentucky K-12 0
Bruner Consulting Texas Small Business 0
Brown Printing Company Minnesota Industrial 0
Bristow Elementary Energy/Leadership Team Kentucky K-12 0
Bristol-Myers Squibb New Jersey Industrial 0
Brighton Farms Home Owners Association Tennessee Other, group of home owners 0
Briarwood Elementary Kentucky K-12 0
Brand Source California Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 59,052
Bosch Home Appliances California Corporate 69,008
Borough of Ocean Gate New Jersey Local 0
Bordentown City Environmental Commission New Jersey Environmental/Energy 0
Boeing-St. Louis Missouri Industrial 0
Boeing Wichita Kansas Industrial 0
Boeing St. Louis Missouri Industrial/Manufacturer 38,657,162
Boeing Seattle, Plant 2, NBF Washington Industrial 20,232
Boeing Seal Beach California Industrial 14,838
Boeing San Antonio Texas Industrial 4,500
Boeing Salt Lake City Utah Industrial/Manufacturer 0
Boeing Renton Washington Industrial 0
Boeing Philadelphia Pennsylvania Industrial 1,180
Boeing Mesa Arizona Industrial 29,867
Boeing Macon Georgia Industrial/Manufacturer 0
Boeing Long Beach California Corporate 9,018
Boeing Kent Space Center Washington Industrial 15,800
Boeing Huntsville Alabama Industrial 756,602
Boeing Huntington Beach California Industrial 280
Boeing Houston Texas Industrial 23,544
Boeing Heath Ohio Industrial 0
Boeing Ft. Walton Beach Florida Industrial 75,499
Boeing Everett Washington Industrial 23,185
Boeing El Segundo California Industrial 10,788
Boeing Developmental Center / Military Flight Center Washington Industrial 0
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