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471 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions v
Boeing Houston Texas Industrial 8,020,608
Access Energy Cooperative Iowa Electric Cooperative 8,812,150
Boeing Wichita Kansas Industrial 9,823,970
Kaiser Permanente California Other, Health care 10,206,098
Samsung Electronics California Corporate 10,510,849
CEMEX USA Texas Industrial 10,955,672
National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) Virginia K-12 11,934,992
New Jersey Natural Gas New Jersey Utility 14,119,118
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program New Jersey Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 16,508,952
Kentucky NEED Project Kentucky K-12 18,720,768
Lowe's Cos. Illinois Utility 21,145,461
AEP Ohio Ohio Utility 21,643,551
Girl Scouts of the USA New York Student/Club 22,054,409
Saint-Gobain Massachusetts Industrial 22,693,441
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission South Dakota State 27,696,556
Boeing Washington Industrial 37,730,625
Nissan North America Tennessee Industrial 47,408,409
Lockheed Martin Maryland Corporate 55,487,482
Ameren Illinois Illinois Utility 64,835,406
Georgia Power Company Georgia Utility 1,370,340,255
Sears Illinois Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 1,779,090,548
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