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471 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions v
Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Inter.... Wisconsin Religious/Spiritual 450,906
Menards Wisconsin Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 2,874,677
Vernon Electric Co-op Wisconsin Electric Cooperative 29,689
Vernon Electric Cooperative Wisconsin Electric Cooperative 26,926
247WebDirectory.com Other, SEO 356,120
ASE Corporate 0
Adelaide City Council Local 12,879
BW Construction chemicals Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0
Bangho S.A. Industrial 0
Campbridge Waterproofing Systems, Inc. Corporate 28,367
Comparance.com Trade/Membership 0
Computers-IT Consulting Services (CIC) Small Business 41,211
Creative Riot Software Small Business 26,352
John Guzzo Computers Small Business 0
Jones Lang LaSalle Small Business 2,282,756
Proctor International Small Business 900
Starbytes Corporate 0
Theriault Computing Small Business 0
Westfield Construction Science Industrial 4,535
initiative pour le tourisme et l'ecologie d'haiti Environmental/Energy 0
www.bwchemicals.com.pk Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0
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