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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions v
COTESA SA Small Business 0
County of Monroe Michigan Local 0
Cousins Properties - Inverness Center Alabama Corporate 17,258
Cowles - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 0
CPS Energy Texas Utility 101,737
Cranford Environmental Commission New Jersey Local 2,231,651
Creative Riot Software Small Business 0
Credit Card Finder Small Business 10,570
Credo Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Small Business 0
crosby service hvac Alabama K-12 0
CSC Virginia Corporate 0
CSRware, Inc. California Utility 0
Cumberland Valley Electric Kentucky Electric Cooperative 0
Custom Craft Exteriors Illinois Corporate 0
CwCastle Associates New Jersey Corporate 57,011
CyberPharm Ltd Small Business 0
D'Orazio Contracting Corp. Michigan Corporate 119,331
Daifuku Co., Ltd Corporate 0
Dawn Solar Systems, Inc. New Hampshire Small Business 35,769
DayRadiantInfraredSupplyCoDivMooreFamilyEnterprise Ohio Small Business, Rural Farm grower producer 1,800
Dayton Power & Light Ohio Utility 3,836,794
DC National Mall Event Virginia Other, Event 2,833,582
Delaware's Sustainable Energy Utility Virginia Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 26,228
Delta Electronics, Inc. Industrial 0
Department of Defense District of Columbia Federal 194,579,144
Department of Motor Vehicles California College/University 18,661
Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 2,133,502
DHS ICE District of Columbia Federal 22,887
Diagonal Informatica y Comunicaciones, SA New Jersey Small Business 0
Dickman Supply, Inc. Ohio Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0
Dimension 85 Ltd Small Business 0
Discover Green Expo Connecticut Utility 31,436
DOE-Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory New Jersey Federal 217,366
Dorton Elementary Kentucky K-12 0
dotgreen Small Business 0
Downtown School - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 46,755
e-Management Maryland Small Business 356,548
EarthTronics Inc. Michigan Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 36,777
East - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 78,824
East Hanover Environmental Commission New Jersey Environmental/Energy 392,358
East Orange DPW Clean & Green Envir. Ed. Center New Jersey Local 483,413
Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation Tennessee Other, Affordable Housing Agency 45,379
Eco-Unit, Inc. South Carolina Corporate 85,477
EcoLabel Fundraising Florida Small Business 0
Ecologic Group Small Business 65,423
Econergy Solutions New Jersey Small Business 54,982
Ecoseek Ltd Small Business 0
Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital Massachusetts Federal 472,731
Edmunds - Des Moines Public Schools Iowa K-12 0
EGL Architecture, PC New York Small Business 209,670
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