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571 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
iCAST Colorado Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 0
Stellar Energy Contractors Colorado Small Business 0
Joseph Beard & Associates Colorado Small Business 0
ING, Denver, CO Colorado Corporate 0
Greenprint Denver Colorado State 0
Glacier Remodeling, Inc. Colorado Small Business 0
Earthcore SIPs Colorado Small Business 0
Colorado Springs Utilities Colorado Utility 28,828
Colorado Interfaith Power and Light Colorado Environmental/Energy 0
Colorado Governor's Energy Office Colorado State 0
Bulbs Plus, Inc Colorado Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 59,052
AbsoluteEnergyEfficiency.com Colorado Small Business 0
4CORE Colorado Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 0
intranet company and electrical California Other, elelc/solar/renewables 0
Youth Drive International California Environmental/Energy 0
Yahoo! California Corporate 0
Wellls Fargo Bank California Corporate 0
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 3,260
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc California Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 4,057
Square One California Environmental/Energy 0
Spectrolab, Inc. A Boeing Company California Industrial 0
Southern California Gas Company California Utility 284,142
Southern California Edison California Utility 1,726,927
SoCal Pledge Partnership California Utility, Utility Partnership 2,024,339
Silicon Valley Power California Utility 0
Shadowridge Woodbend Apartments California Corporate 0
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. California Corporate 0
Samsung Electronics California Corporate 114,674,361
Riverside Public Utilities California Utility 2,698
OneManRepair.com California Small Business 0
Naval Base Ventura County CYP California Other, Teen Center 0
Lockheed Martin SSC Bay Area ESH California Corporate 20,567
Lincoln Property Company California Corporate 590
Kaiser Permanente California Other, Health care 1,981
GotRecycle? California Small Business 0
Girl Scout Troop #362 California Other, Girl Scouts 0
Foster City Environmental Sustainability Taskforce California Local 0
Environmental Gas Care California Small Business 0
Energy Technology Career Academy California College/University, We are also a non-profit student club 0
Eco Friendly Fashion Association California Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 0
Coronado Bay Club Resort Apartments California Small Business 764
California Center for Sustainable Energy California Environmental/Energy 0
CTB/McGraw-Hill California Corporate 0
CSRware, Inc. California Utility 0
Brand Source California Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 59,052
Bosch Home Appliances California Corporate 69,008
Boeing Seal Beach California Industrial 14,838
Boeing Long Beach California Corporate 9,018
Boeing Huntington Beach California Industrial 280
Boeing El Segundo California Industrial 10,788
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