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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
USDA, FNS, SERO, RAO Georgia Federal 37,843
USDA, FNS, SERO, FO Georgia Federal 48,417
USDA, FNS, SERO, FM Georgia Federal 45,110
USDA, FNS, SERO Georgia Federal 733,396
ThermaCote, Inc. Georgia Small Business 28,455
Satilla REMC Georgia Electric Cooperative 0
Moody Air Force Base Georgia Military 1,082,002
Mitchell Electric Membership Corporation Georgia Electric Cooperative 28,800
Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany Georgia Military 71,100
Jackson EMC Georgia Utility 2,807,382
Georgia Tech 2010 Georgia Student/Club 2,700
Georgia Power Company Georgia Utility 265,735,377
Five Years Forward Georgia Small Business 0
Central Georgia EMC Georgia Electric Cooperative 56,736
Carroll EMC Georgia Electric Cooperative 29,374
Amicalola EMC Georgia Utility 53,985
AgileCO Georgia Small Business 0
clinko services Florida Small Business 0
Voya, Bay Meadows, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate 807,720
University of Florida Florida College/University 207,508
USDC Southern District of Florida Florida Federal 2,180
SuncorSolar Florida Environmental/Energy 0
St. Lucie County Florida Local 9,347,216
Sarasota County, FL Florida Local 20,415,936
Rufus E. Payne Elementary Florida K-12 52,234
Polk County Schools Florida K-12 1,804,068
Okaloosa County, FL Florida Local 7,307
Lee Wetherington Homes Florida Small Business 0
Kirk Consulting Group, Inc. Florida Small Business 0
ING, Quadrant, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate 0
Gulf Power Co. Florida Utility 359,522
Gavlabs LLC Florida Small Business 4,682
Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Florida Utility 9,273,200
Floresta Elementary Florida K-12 591,434
Energy Saving Window Florida Small Business 68,674
EcoLabel Fundraising Florida Small Business 0
City of North Miami Florida Local 271,350
City of Lauderhill Florida Local 0
Brevard Achievement Center Florida Corporate, Military, Trade/Membership 38,280
AMC MacDill AFB Florida Military 339,103
AFSPC Patrick AFB Florida Military 135,000
AFMC Eglin Air Force Base Florida Military 126,000
AETC Tyndall AFB Florida Military 4,414,500
USDA Headquarters District of Columbia Federal 1,412,886
Public Technology Institute District of Columbia Environmental/Energy, Other 0
Peace Corps District of Columbia Federal 179,374
Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood District of Columbia Other, Neighborhood Alliance 0
ICMA District of Columbia Other, Local Government 22,390
Department of Defense District of Columbia Federal 194,579,144
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