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696 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Vernon Electric Co-op Wisconsin Electric Cooperative 74,722
VA Puget Sound Health Care System Washington Federal 14,198
Virginia Tech - Marketing Society and Public Interests Virginia Student/Club 596,905
Voya, West Chester, PA Pennsylvania Corporate 506,343
VA Western New York Healthcare System New York Federal 0
Voya, Minneapolis, MN Minnesota Corporate 211,045
Varna Enterprises Minnesota Small Business 20,405
VISN 1: VA New England Healthcare System Massachusetts Federal 16,183,889
VA Massachusetts Healthcare System - Northampton Campus Massachusetts Federal 1,543,625
VA Boston Healthcare System, West Roxbury Campus Massachusetts Federal 1,320,960
VA Boston Healthcare System - Jamaica Plain Campus Massachusetts Federal 1,401,595
VA Boston Healthcare System - Brockton Campus Massachusetts Federal 2,651,659
Voya, Des Moines, IA Iowa Corporate 59,793
Village of Schaumburg Illinois Local 0
Voya, Atlanta, GA Georgia Corporate 253,546
Voya, Bay Meadows, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate 20,097
VA Central Office District of Columbia Federal 23,357
Voya, Windsor, CT Connecticut Corporate 909,361
Voya Financial Connecticut Corporate 1,939,157
VA Connecticut Healthcare System - West Haven Campus Connecticut Federal 2,536,532
VA Connecticut Healthcare System - Newington Campus Connecticut Federal 524,525
Voice For Justice California Student/Club 25,260
Voya, Scottsdale, AZ Arizona Corporate 28,195